Case 1: Correction of buccal ridge deficiency at implant second stage surgery

Case study photographs courtesy of Dr. Rodrigo Neiva, Philadelphia, PA.

Patient Presentation

A 32-year-old African American female presented with tooth #4 missing. The tooth had been extracted 5 years before initial examinations. A 3.6x13-mm implant was placed in conjunction with GBR to correct horizontal alveolar bone deficiency. At second stage surgery, volumetric soft tissue deficiency and a thin buccal plate were found. Soft and hard tissue augmentation were performed using a double-layered OSSIX Volumax resorbable collagen membrane, without bone-grafting materials.

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OSSIX® Bone is a sterile, biocompatible bone grafting material aimed to fill, augment, or reconstruct periodontal and bony defects of the maxillo-facial complex.


  • OSSIX® Bone must not be used in:
    • Patients with known collagen hypersensitivity.
    • Patients with a sensitivity to porcine-derived materials.
    • Patients suffering from autoimmune diseases and connective tissue diseases, such as: systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, etc.
    • Patients with acute or chronic infection (osteomyelitis) at the surgical site.
    • Patients with vascular impairment at the implant site.
    • Patients with uncontrolled periodontal disease.
    • Patients that have received or are currently receiving treatment with bisphosphonates.
    • OSSIX® Bone should not be used in the presence of infected wounds at the site of implantation.
  • OSSIX® Bone is intended for a single use only. Do not re-sterilize or reuse.
  • As OSSIX® Bone contains collagen, allergic reactions (e.g. erythema, swelling, induration and/or pruritus at treatment site) may not be entirely excluded.

Please see accompanying Instructions for Use or Click here for Instructions for Use.